Goa Board HSSC & SSC Class Results for 2017

Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (GBSHSE) which is the department responsible for providing quality education in the state of Goa, have started conducting the board examinations for class HSSC and class SSC.

Examinations for HSSC classes have started from March 1st and the examinations for the SSC classes are going to start from March 31st this year. Here are the examination time table for both classes.

SSC class timetable:

March 31st: English(111); Marathi(112)/Urdu(113) (OLD & NEW)

April 1st: Hindi (121)/French(123); Composite: Hindi-Marathi(165-162)/Hindi-Sanskrit(165-163)/ Hindi-Portuguese(165-166)/Hindi-Arabic (165 164)/Hindi-French (165-167)

April 2nd: Domestic Electrical Appliances (042)/ Electronics (043)/ Cookery(044)(E),(064) (M)/ Garment Cutting Sewing (045)/ Food Processing (047)/ Bakery (048)/ Horticulture (049)(E),(069)(M)

April 4th: Marathi(133)/Konkani(132)/Urdu(Sanskrit(135) /Kannada(136)French(141)/Portuguese(142) English(131) (OLD & NEW)

April 6th: Science Eng(031)/Mar(032)/Urdu(033)

April 7th: Social Science Paper I (OLD & NEW); Eng(011)A/Mar(012)A/Urdu(013)A

April 8th: Social Science Paper II Eng(011)B/Mar(012)B/Urdu(013)B

April 10th: Mathematics; Eng(021)/Mar(022)/Urdu(023)

HSSC class timetable:

March 1st: English Language I (411)/ Marathi Language I (412)

March 3rd: Accountancy (605)/ Physics (702)/ History (501)

March 6th: Chemistry (703)/ Business Studies (655)

March 8th: Economics (652)

March 9th: Biology (704)/ Geology (706)

March 10th: Hindi Language II (424)/ Portuguese Language II (428)

March 14th: Mathematics (754)/ Mathematics & Statistics (606)/ Political Science (553)

March 15th: Psychology (752)/ Cookery (504)

March 16th: Geography(551)

March 17th: English Language II (421), Urdu Language II (425), French Language II (427), Konkani Language II (422), Sanskrit Language II (426)/ Painting (505)

March 18th: Secretarial Practice (654)

March 20th: Co-operation (651)/ Banking (601)/ Logic (552)/ Computer Science(705)

March 21st: Sociology(554)

March 22nd: Marathi Language II (423)

Steps to Check HSSC & SSC Class Results for 2017:

Step 1: For intermediate results go to link: Goa board hssc class result 2017
For HSLC results go to link: Goa board ssc class result 2017

Step 2: Select the class in “Select Examination” field.

Step 3: Select the year of your examination.

Step 4: Enter your roll number in next field.

Step 5: Click submit button and print your result.

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