Chhattisgarh Board Higher Secondary & High School Class Results for 2017

Chhattisgarh Board of Secondary Education (CGBSE) which is the department responsible for providing quality education in the state Chhattisgarh, have started conducting the board examinations for class Higher Secondary and class High School.

Examinations for higher secondary classes have started from February 14th and the examinations for the high school classes are going to start from February 10th this year. Here are the examination time table for both classes.

Higher Secondary class timetable:

February 14th: First language: Hindi (001), English (002), Marathi (004), Urdu (005)

February 16th: Second Language: Hindi (051), English (052), Sanskrit (053), Marathi (054), Urdu (055), Punjabi (056), Shindhi (057), Bengali (058), Gujarati (059), Telugu (060), Tamil (061), Malayalam (062), Kannada (067), Odia (068)

February 18th: Environment (098)

February 21th: Economics (140), Biology (231 & 831), Book Keeping and Accountancy (320), Elements of Animal Husbandry and Poultry Farming (430), History of Indian Art (530), Elements of Science (631)

February 23th: Indian Music (161), Drawing and Designing (162), Dancing (163), Steno Typing (164), Agriculture (Art-Group) (165), Sociology (166), Psychology (167), Home Science Anatomy Physiology (168)

February 27th: History (110), Physics (210), Elements of Commerce and Management (310), Elements of Science and Maths for Agricultural (410), Drawing and Painting (510), Food and Nutrition (610)

March 1st: Geography (120)

March 3rd: Mathematics (150 & 850)

March 4th: Computer Application ( Art and Commercial ) (151)

March 6th: Commercial Mathematics (169 & 869)

March 8th: Political Science (130), Chemistry (220), Applied Economic and Commercial Geography (331), Industrial Organization (332), Crop Production and Horticulture (420), Still Life and Designing (520), Physiology and First Aid (620)

March 9th: Sanskrit (Humanities Group) (171), Sanskrit Specific (First language) (003)

High School class timetable:

February 10th: First Language (English/ Hindi/ Marathi/ Urdu)

February 13th: Mathematics

February 15th: Social Science

February 17th: Third Language (Sanskrit/ Marathi/ Urdu/ Bengali/ Gujarati/ Telugu/ Tamil/ Punjabi/ Sindhi/ Malayalam/ Kannada/ Oriya)

February 20th: Science

February 22nd: Second/ Third Language (Hindi)

February 25th: Second/ Third Language (English)

February 28th: Retail Industry/ IT Application/ Automobile/ Health Care/ Agriculture/ Music (Only for Visually Impaired)/ Drawing/ Painting (Only for Deaf and Dumb)

March 2nd: Environment

Steps to Check Higher Secondary & High School Class Results for 2017:

Step 1: For higher secondary results go to link: Chhattisgarh board higher secondary class result 2017
For High school results go to link: Chhattisgarh board high school class result 2017

Step 2: Select the class in “Select Examination” field.

Step 3: Select the year of your examination.

Step 4: Enter your roll number in next field.

Step 5: Click submit button and print your result.

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